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Cue #'s top to bottom C1000-1 Sold, 818-43 Sold, 118-89 Sold, 316-86 Sold, 816-42 Sold, 115-49 

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in Las Vegas at the 2022:

  BCA Mar. 23-April 2 at the Rio Hotel, APA May 2-6 at the Westgate Hotel

Custom cues designed and created in the United States of America by today's cue makers are truly examples of "Functional Art". The blending of form, function, and fine art result in a masterpiece worthy of praise from art and cue aficionados around the world.

The fine cues you are about to view represent craftsmanship of the highest quality from artisans with exceptional talent. These cues are not only beautiful; they offer great performance sure to enhance your playing experience. Any of these cues would be an excellent addition to a collection.

I specialize in Limited Edition and One-of-a-Kind cues from Jacoby Custom Cues and sometimes other cuemakers. The truth is we never really own these masterpieces we merely look after them for our next generation to cherish.

Thank you for taking the time to view

Jim Knott

This cue is now a proud member of a major collection in the United States

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