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Cue Care

Taking care of your investment.

Now that you have made a cue purchase of significant value you will need to take proper care of your investment. The most important item will be to invest in a quality hard case. I highly recommend cases from the following American case makers, JB Cases, Whitten Cue Cases, and Jack Justis Cases. The quality, protection, and value over time is much better then any import case. To contact any of these makers logon to The American Cuemakers Association website and view the membership roster. Do not store your cue in the car or other places where it is subject to extreme temperature changes. Store your cue in a vertical position. After playing wipe your cue with a towel, this will remove most of the chalk. Taking care of your cue enhances your playing experience, helps retain the value in your investment and will give you many years of enjoyable service.

Another way to protect your investment is to contact your insurance company and let them know that you have purchased a cue of significant value. Ask if your cue would be covered under a home owners or rental policy. Ask if the cue was stolen from your car, home, hotel room or at a tournament would it be covered. Take pictures of your cue and keep a receipt to show proof of purchase to the insurance company. If the insurance company questions the value of the cue, have them contact the cue maker to validate the value. I hope you never have to go through this procedure but taking the time to insure replacement of your cue will provide some peace of mind.

Take care!!

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