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Cue Inspection

Quality and Performance

Testing Your Cue

I want you to be totally satisfied with your cue purchase. This begins with a good visual inspection of your new cue.  Look over your cue very carefully and complete the following checks.

  • Check the finish, wrap and how flush the shafts meet the joint on the butt section.
  • Check for straightness, this above all is one of the most important checks in a new cue or any cue purchased.
  • Before screwing the cue together roll the butt and shafts on a flat surface. Make sure they are straight and have no excessive wobble.  Assemble the cue and roll with each shaft and check the straightness.
  • Check for straightness by looking down from the butt end toward the shaft and slowly rotate the cue and check for straightness.
  • With the cue unassembled, hold the butt section in one hand and solidly tap the cue just above the wrap with the heal of your free hand. This will cause a slight vibration in the butt section; listen for any buzzing noise. A buzz would indicate a flaw in construction. Next assemble each shaft to the cue and do the same test. This check will indicate to what degree the shafts will sway. The sway indicates the stiffness of the shafts.

I hold each cuemaker responsible for the quality and performance of their cue. These checks were completed prior to shipping the cue; however, I strongly recommend you complete them to verify you have purchased a quality cue and no damage has occurred during shipping.  Now comes the best part, hitting some balls to get the feel of the cue’s quality and performance. *Just remember that if you do decide to return the cue it must be received in the same condition as it was shipped.


I hope you are satisfied with your purchase from “Beautiful Cues”. Enjoy the experience of knowing that you have made a wise choice and investment in selecting a cue from one of America’s great cuemakers.

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