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Jacoby Cues Helpful Info

Jacoby Specs:

  • The butt end diameter of the cue is 1.25"
  • The joint collar diameter is .847"
  • The cue is 58" total length with a 29" shaft and 29" butt; unless otherwise stated
  • The balance point of the cue lies right around 19" from the butt end
  • The standard maple shaft has a 10" pro taper and available for most cue pins
  • The Hybird Ultra Pro shaft has a 19" pro taper and is 12.75mm and Ultra Super Pro is 11.75mm and available for most cue pins
  • The "Black" carbon fiber shaft is available in 11.8mm, 12.3mm, and 12.7mm for most cues
  • For more information on the shafts visit

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