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Jacoby Matching Cue Set

Two great cues makeup this set. Playing cue and a break cue.

Break Cue is Cocobolo with fancy ring work of Elforyn and Mother of Pearl dot inlays. Black leather lizard print wrap and the shaft is laminated with a phenolic ferrule tip. Weight is 18.6 oz



Butt Sleeve Wood: Cocobolo
Butt Sleeve Inlays: Elforyn and Silver Lines and dots
Forearm Wood: Cocobolo
Forearm Inlays: High and Low Veneered points
Ring Pattern: Elforyn and Mother of Pearl dots
Wrap: Black leather print

Joint: Black Implex
Pin Type: 5/16 x 14
Shaft Specs: Hybrid Edge 12.75 mm
Weight: 18.3 oz
Cue Number: Matching Set



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